New York rockers Eve To Adam recently stopped by the Rock 108 studios on their way to a show in Arizona, and we hung out and talked about their latest album, touring, their latest video for the song 'Immortal', and a whole lot more.

The guys were just rolling through town on their way to Arizona for a huge show with Korn, and decided to stop by and hang out because they're just cool like that.

We talked about their latest album 'Locked and Loaded' and the band's thinking process that went in to the making of it.

Singer Taki Sassaris explained:

"For us, it was about writing songs in the studio that we were going to enjoy playing over and over again live"

Speaking of Taki, he did a pretty wicked impression of Metallica's Lars Ulrich, which you can hear in the first part of the interview below.

In addition we talked about the story behind their latest single 'Immortal', the making of the video, MTV, life on the road, their plans for 2014 and much more.

Check out the entire interview below, which is in two parts.

Interview With Eve To Adam Part 1

Interview With Even To Adam Part 2

It was a pleasure to have the band in the studio, and, hopefully, we'll have them back in Abilene soon.

For more on Eve To Adam, check out their Facebook page as well as their official website. And, if you haven't seen their latest video for the song 'Immortal', check that out below.

Eve To Adam 'Immortal' Video