Gracie Gold is only 18 years old and she is on track to make an appearance in the 2014 Sochi Winter Olypmic Games. Not that has been decided yet, but after her performance Saturday in Boston at the U.S. Figure Skating Championship.There are three spots open and it is believed to be a shoo-in for Gold, the next 3 spots are a little sketchy. It could go to anyone of these three Polina Edmunds, Mirai Nagasu or Ashley Wagner.

Edmunds finished 2nd in last nights competition, Nagasu 3rd and Wagner 4th. However, the top 3 are not necessarily always chosen to join the Olympic team. It is voted on by a committee.The team will be named today (Sunday, January 12th).

Here is Gold's performance from last nights competition.It will give you chills, you can tell by her facial expression that she knows she did very well and the crowd goes crazy.