When it comes to throwing down some brew, I can keep up and slam 'em down quick with the best of them. I don't think I can touch this dude though. Check him out as he slams 3 beers in 37 seconds using only his mouth...and yes, he has to open the bottles as well.

Meet YouTube user, 'shoenice22', who's real name is Chris Schewe.  Apparently,  he does some pretty insane eating and drinking stunts and posts them on his YouTube channel.  He's done stuff like slamming 4 Jager Bombs in 30 seconds, eating 2 Habanero peppers and a tube of Icy Hot and has even eaten condoms.  What a nut! It does not appear there is anything he won't eat, or drink.

He seems to be pretty smashed in each of his videos but, nevertheless, he does some pretty crazy stuff.

Check him out now as he slams these 3 bottles of beer in 37 seconds using nothing but his mouth.