It's been a decade since the world lost Dave Williams, frontman of Drowning Pool. Since then, the band went through singers Jason 'Gong' Jones and Ryan McCombs. A few weeks back the band announced Dallas singer, Jasen Moreno, as their new singer. It only seemed fitting that the band would recruit their next (and last) singer from the town they call home.

Obviously there will always be comparisons to Dave and others, but judging by the 1st song they released, I fully believe they made the right choice.

'In Memory Of...' seems to have more of a grunge feel to it, as opposed to hard rock or metal.

Honestly, leading off with a sound that's not necessarily what Drowning Pool is known for was probably the right direction to go as to avoid immediate comparisons to past singers.

The band released the song on their Facebook page with this note:

This song is dedicated to anyone and everyone who has lost a friend or family member. This one is from us to you Dave.

Personally, I love this song. I hope you enjoy it too.

(Carnivorous is CJ Pierce's username on Soundcloud)

What do you think?