Every weekday around 5:30, I give you the Drink of the Day, good for 2500 points that spend just like money in the Rockoholic VIP club, plus I give you a little knowledge about mixing drinks.  Here are your drinks for October 10th through October 14h.

You might want to make sure you don't have anything important going on for the next couple of days after this one.

3/8 oz Jagermeister® herbal liqueur
3/8 oz Rumple Minze® peppermint liqueur
1/4 oz Everclear® alcohol

If you want to get really creative, add Mezcal and actually have a worm involved with this drink.  Or not.

1/2 oz mango vodka
1/2 oz raspberry vodka
1/2 oz Blue Curacao liqueur
1 splash Sprite® soda

I always thought Dad was talking about something else when he said he just saw a "barking spider".  Weird.

1 1/2 oz Tarantula Azul Tequila
1 1/2 oz Blue Curacao liqueur
3/4 oz Bacardi® 151 rum
1 dash triple sec
1 dash sweet and sour mix
1 splash orange juice

After all, when you drink tequila, you pretty much will eat anything.

1 shot Jose Cuervo® Especial gold tequila
1 shot DeKuyper® Hot Damn cinnamon schnapps
1 shot Crown Royal® Canadian whisky

Captain Crunch

This "captain crunch" won't leave scars on the top of your mouth.  Yet, another tequila drink for you.

1 part Tequila Rose® strawberry cream liqueur
1 part vanilla schnapps
1 part Kahlua® coffee liqueur
1 part cream
1 splash grenadine syrup

So, that’s your Drink of the Day recap. If you have a drink recipe that you want me to share, email me or hit me up on my Facebook page.

Don’t forget to pick up your ingredients at Big Johnson Liquor and Beer.

As always, Rock 108 reminds you to drink responsibly.