Sorry but I apologetically LOVE stoner comedies.  I always have. I’m not really a stoner, but I just love the goofy good natured fun of Cheech & Chong, Harold & Kumar, Grandmas Boy and others.  There’s a new one that just came out this week, but it won’t be playing around these parts.  Check it after the jump.

The name of the film is “High School” and it’s a pretty simple premise, two guys have to get their whole school high in order for their drug test results to be thrown out.  There’s some pretty cool stars in this movie too.  Adrian Brody plays a psycho drug dealer who’s always arguing with his frog, Micheal Chiklis (from the Shield) is the principle and Colin Hanks looks to be a teacher or assistant principle.  It sucks that we’ll probably have to wait for dvd on this one, but at least that way we can watch it over and over.