I’m not one of those knuckleheads who is going to try to lecture you. I want to empower you. I also want it safer for the kids going back to school.

Do you know where your loved ones are at?  More specifically, do you know what the people you are absolutely closest to you are? Then why would you rise life and limb to get to a phone? How often do you get a call that is really, truly important? I’m sure if there was a big problem your loved ones would psycho dial you.

What about work?  F’ ‘em. I know you might be thinking “sure YOU can say that,” but you probably can too. Are you paid to have a leash from your bosses mouth to your ear? Does he know when you’re in the bathroom or whether your phone has a charge? I don’t think so.

I know so of you are “on-call,” but since it takes about ten minutes to get anywhere in town, it will probably only be five minutes before you get to your destination and return the call. I’ll bet you’ll be more than okay returning the call within that time frame.

Now most of this relates back to driving, but why be rude in any place? Why slow up a checkout line by talking or taking a call? It’s rude to the checker, everyone in line and even to the person you are talking too.

Don’t be a slave to your phone. It will be safer and more courteous to all of those around you. At the very least you’ll feel less stressed.