Last night (May 15th) I was doing a remote at Jaguars Gold Club when something very strange happened with my equipment and my phone that made, not only me, but my co-worker, Frank Pain, wonder about the existence of alien lifeforms or UFO's.  Do you think they are real? I was doing a live break on air when all of a sudden, I had no reception and could hear myself in my headphones cutting out really bad.  Now, I know that club pretty good and know where I can get the best reception so it was strange that I could hear the radio well, but it was cutting out my voice when I talked on air.

Shortly after that, Pain called me to talk about that particular break but couldn't get through to me on my phone.  He got some weird robotic like sound when he called me.  When I called him back,  I got some weird noise that, later when we talked about it, ended up being the same noise.  When he called me back a second time, his call went straight to my voice mail.

Check out the weird noise that was left on my voice mail.  It has not been edited in any way other than the volume being turned up.

Weird noise on my voice mail

So, what do you think?  Pretty weird right?

I've never been much of a believer of aliens and UFO's but this was really strange.  I realize that Dyess Air Force Base is close to where I was so there could have been some interference from that.  But, I have done countless remotes at Jags and this is the first time I have ever experienced something like this that was totally unexplainable.

So, that brings me to my question.  Do you believe in aliens and UFO's?  Take our poll below and feel free to leave your comments or stories on weird stuff like this that has happened to you.