Fresh off of a weekend of debauchery in Las Vegas, Detroit rockers Pistol Day Parade swung down south to visit us at Rock 108. While they were here, we chased few tumbleweeds, tipped a few cows and drilled for oil.

Oh yeah, we also got the guys in the studio to chat a bit on The Morning After.

If you haven't picked up their new album, "Burn", yet, then do so. It is one of the best rock albums I've heard all year. While some albums have a couple of good songs and the rest are bad, this one is back to back packed with solid rock anthems, including their new single "Not Today".

Also, the cover of the album features a scantily-clad woman. That's never a bad thing to have on your album cover.

Hailing from the Motor City, we even shared a word or 2 about some of their favorite bands from Detroit, including Ted Nugent who became a focal point throughout the interview.

Listen to the entire interview (2 segments) now

Pistol Day Parade Interview Segment 1

Pistol Day Parade Interview Segment 2

Watch Pistol Day Parade's Video for "Not Today"

Listen to Pistol Day Parade "Where I Lay"