I've been talking about putting myself through some of Abilene restaurants' food eating challenges for a couple months now. I finally saw the perfect opportunity over the weekend at Heff's Burgers & More, where they offered the chance to take their 'Triple Challenge'. I had nothing better going on, and apparently neither did a handful of my coworkers.The challenge requires that you eat a massive Heff's 'Triple Burger' and three large orders of fries, and finish a 20 oz. soda in 10 minutes or less. As you can see from the video, the Townsquare Media gang was anxious to get started with the challenge.

Thanks to my son, Nathan, we have photographic evidence of me and about 20 other contestants taking part in the challenge. Take a look at the photo gallery below, as the pre-challenge smiles gradually evolve into looks of regret and reflection on what may have been a poor decision.


After 10 minutes, there were five of the twenty total contestants who managed to complete the challenge, including one very hungry gentleman who finished in around six minutes. How did my co-workers and I do? Let's go to the video evidence and see:

I have to say, Heff's burgers are among the best I've had, and I made it clear in the opening minutes of the contest. I may even use the deliciousness of the food as an excuse to why I didn't finish in time.

While this mass 'Triple Challenge' was a part of a special event, you can take it yourself anytime. The meal costs just under $15.00, and it's free if you can complete the challenge in under 10 minutes. You should also know that you'll need to sign a waiver before they serve you. It's possible, but be sure to bring your appetite and loose fitting pants!