Finally, football is here!  The NFL preseason kicked off last night and the Dallas Cowboys were in action against Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos.  Check out a recap of the game in pictures.

Man, it was awesome to have the NFL back in action after a long off-season that included a lockout and a bitter battle between the NFL and the NFLPA.  I honestly thought this season not going to happen, but here we are, mid August and finally football is back!  I honestly didn't know what the hell I was going to do if football was not happening this year.  Read a book, you say?  I find offense to that, you insensitive pr!@k!

The game started off a little boring, but late in the game it became very interesting as the Dallas Cowboys came from behind  to beat the Denver Broncos 24-23.  Former Texas A&M QB, Stephen McGee, drove the Cowboys for a touchdown and a 2 point conversion with 15 seconds left in the game to get the win.  Of course, it is preseason, so the starters didn't play much at all, but dang it, football is back, baby!!

Here's a recap of the game in pictures.