The NFL was back this week and,  for 3 quarters, so were the Dallas Cowboys.  That is until a 4th quarter collapse that let the New York Jets come from behind to beat the Cowboys 27-24,  on a night that the entire nation was watching.  The Cowboys looked great in the beginning.  The offense drove down for a TD on their first series, and the defense held the Jet's offense to 3 and out's on their first two series which included 2 sacks from Demarcus Ware. The Cowboys seemed to be coasting  through the rest of the game after that, though and never really took over the game, allowing the Jets to sneak back in it.  At one point, Dallas was up by two touchdowns with over 14 minutes left in the game.

That's when it all came apart.

For the first time in franchise history, the Dallas Cowboys lost a game after leading by at least 14 points in the 4th quarter.

It all started with the Dallas defense giving up a TD pass to make it 24-17.    After a long pass to Jason Witten to set the Cowboys up at the goal line, Tony Romo fumbled the ball after trying to scramble for a touchdown.  The Jets didn't score, but that could have pretty much sealed the game up.  Instead, the Jets blocked a punt and ran it in for a touchdown  on the Cowboys ensuing drive making it 24-24.

The Cowboys still had a chance after all of that, but Romo threw a pick that set the Jets up with the winning field goal.

Game Over.

Cowboy fans all over are already calling for Romo to be benched, which is a little earlier than I predicted in a blog I wrote about getting ready for Dallas Cowboy football.

The Cowboys next chance to redeem themselves will be against San Francisco on Sunday, September 18th.

In the meantime, here is a recap of the game in pictures.

Do you think the Cowboys season is cooked already?  Should Romo be benched?  Let us know by commenting below.