Have you ever wondered how sound effects are created in movies?  Well, wonder no longer with this video of what 'Foley Artists' do to get cool sound effects.I have always been fascinated by sound effects.  It's what I do on a daily basis when I produce commercials or station imaging.  Of course, my type of production is far different than that of movie production, but sometimes I have been forced to use some of the same techniques to get that one sound effect I need in a spot. It could be a whistle, a laugh, the crunching of paper or any number of sound that I can't find in a production library.  If I can't find the sound effect, I do my best to make one similar.

With movies, these "Foley Artists" come up with sound effects for post production in a movie, that might surprise you on how they are made. Check out Foley artist, Gary Hecker, who worked on "The Empire Strikes Back".  Pretty cool stuff!