The hacker group “Anonymous” is threatening to shut down Facebook on November 5th.  Are they right or wrong for doing so?

It’s hard to believe how much information you just ‘give away’ to Facebook and you NEVER have the option of deleting or recovering that information for yourself. Everyone is/was in such a hurry to sign up, they didn’t even think about what they were signing away. It’s like those little “accept” screens they made fun of on South Park; no one really reads what they are signing for and or away.

I really don’t know what I think about this. I think it probably takes a threat like this to make people a little more aware of what they are doing. I would also probably not mind a day or two off of Facebook, maybe we could just talk to each other instead of typing.  Anyways, here’s the message from “Anonymous” then the clip where Kyle has to “pay” for signing an “accept” box without reading the instructions.