Last year, my wife and I bought our very first house. And, one of the cool things about our new house is the Ecobee Smart Wifi Thermostat.  This bad boy is totally digital and you can stay connected to it and actually control your house temperature and other settings from anywhere with the help of the Ecobee app for your smart phone.

First of all, we have saved a ton of money with the Ecobee Smart thermostat because it actually remembers and pays attention to how we use our heating or cooling. So, it automatically adjusts it's settings to help save energy - in turn, saving us money.

In addition, the thermostat also alerts us if we need to change the filters, if we are using too much auxiliary heat, and if the air temperature is getting too low or high.

The coolest thing about it, is that I downloaded an app on my iPhone that allows me to control the temperatures in my house from anywhere. So, if I'm at work and forgot to turn the heat off or just want to adjust the temperature, I simply get on my iPhone and can change any number of settings.

In fact, here are a couple of short videos of what you can expect with an Ecobee Smart thermostat using the app.