Thankfully, there's only 1 Frank Pain. Otherwise, many would be in the hospital with a variety of broken bones for random acts of stupidity.

Apparently, the kid in this video never got the memo about the pain and stupidity involved in acting like Frank Pain.

Was he actually trying to impersonate me? Nah, but it is definitely something I would do. Heck, it is something I have done.

On countless occasions, following multiple drinks, I'd attempt a stage dive that ended with me on the ground with broken ribs or a bruised ego.

At the Lost Prophets concert my stage dive was met with the crowd parting like Moses parting the Red Sea (it's in the Bible, look it up).

At the Theory of a Deadman concert, luckily, the crowd caught me as I flew from a stage that was high enough to require its own zip code.

Finally, at my birthday bash last year I attempted a stage dive that was almost successful. It appears the crowd left their muscles in their purses because I was dropped as I was going back to the stage. That one ended up with broken ribs.

Well, enough of my misadventures. In this video, some kid jumps, then flies, then smacks the ground like a WWE wrestler.