Live music events can be a fun experience; however, it only takes a few rotten eggs to turn that experience into a big stinking omelet. Most people don't set out for a fun evening of friends, music, and drinks while planning on annoying the snot out of everyone around them, but for some reason this still manages to happen. A lot. Bad concert goers have been a plague on us normal music lovers since those annoying screaming girls ruined the Beatles and Elvis concerts for our parents. So what gives? Why can't everyone just get along and not wreak such havoc on other people's evening? The answers, I think, run much deeper than lack of concert etiquette, but following these simple guidelines will ensure you don't bug your fellow concert goers to the point of receiving an atomic head butt before you get to see the headlining band.

5. Watch where you're going and quit bumping into my drink.

Look, I get it, it's dark and crowded and accidents happen. This is more aimed at the guy (or girl) that is so oblivious to their surroundings that they're constantly slamming into other patrons with no regards or respect to the beverages in said patrons hands. If you happen to be the cause of my spilled beverage, be sure to do the decent thing and buy me a replacement. This is a good way to avoid finding out what the five fingers said to the face. (SLAP!)

4. Dudes, ladies are smaller so get out of the way so they can see.

We're all here because we want to see our favorite band tear it up on stage. Key word there is SEE. Look, I'm 6'4, if I notice there's a 4'9 girl getting smothered by tall dudes junk in her face I'll let her squeeze in front of me, as she won't be impeding my line of sight. This type of observational generosity applies for short dudes as well, only to a much lesser extent. Girls have the misfortune of being shorter than guys for the most part, so it certainly won't kill us to pretend we're gentlemen every once in a while and let them have an unimpeded view of the stage for a bit.

3. Quit whistling, you're not training dolphins and I'm deaf enough as it is.

Cheering and applauding for your favorite band is part of the whole experience. Bands feed off the energy of the crowds they're playing for, and in turn deliver much more electrifying live stage shows. Having said that, there is never a reason to use your finger whistle to deafen all unsuspecting fellow concert goers within a ten foot radius. If you know you have this sort of a powerful finger whistle, go get a job training large aquatic mammals and leave my ear drums in peace. You can show your appreciation for the band by offering a hardy golf clap instead.

2. Dress appropriately; that means you Fat-Back Sally in a tank top.

Think of this as the "Wal-mart" rule. Before you go to Wal-mart, or a concert for that matter, think to yourself "am I wearing something that could land me on '" If the answer is even maybe, go ahead and change. Sometimes attending a concert is like going to a circus. Actually, it's more like going to a county fair. A lot of times we end up wondering to ourselves "where do these people come from?" Look, be yourself. But don't make all of us suffer just so you can enjoy your individuality. This also applies to young men who wear their pants as shoes.

1. Don't be a dick in the mosh pit. A mosh- pit does not equal the UFC Octagon.

I could write a whole article on most-pit etiquette. And really, mosh-pits are a lot like enemas; no two experiences are the same. But to keep things simple and short, remember this. There is almost always going to be someone bigger than you. And that person may find your violent behavior in the mosh-pit a bit annoying. And then, that person may just decide they've had enough of your shenanigans. Mosh-pits are a fun and exciting part of going to rock concerts, but they can turn negative really quickly. Don't go into one with the intent of physically harming other people. If this is your idea of fun I know a hostel in Germany with your name on in.

So there it is. Just a few simple common sense ideas that will ensure you and everyone else around you will have a rockin' good time at your next concert. Unless you're seeing Slipknot or Slayer. Then all bets are off and disregard this list.

Additional thoughts:

-Don't look like a jebronie by wearing a t-shirt of the band you're going to see; however, it is acceptable to buy one at the merch booth and put it on.

-Don't blare the music of the band you're seeing in the parking lot for all to hear. Again, this makes you look like a tool. Unless you have a cooler of beer.

The thoughts and views of Cole Ruster aren't necessarily representative of Rock 108 and/or Townsquare Media...but he does have valid points.