It’s year end wrap up time, which means lists, lists and more lists. CNN went with the World’s 50 Best Beach Bars just to remind half the world it’s almost Christmas and it’s probably freezing outside as they read this article.

The requirements of the great beach bar are very simple, and honestly, very lazy — “It could be the sand-in-your-toes factor, or the washing and hissing of the waves nearby, or the sunsets or the people you meet. But the truth is there’s no formula, no magic ingredients that will guarantee a place in a list of the world’s best beach bars.” Incredibly in depth by such a valued news source. Maybe the list should be renamed “50 Beach Bars We Heard About” or “50 Bars on the Beach We’re Pretty Sure Exist.”

Thankfully, we are very well traveled and have some actual notes, from some of the beach bars on the list that we’ve been to over the years.

Coming in at number 34 was The Beach Bar in Asbury Park, New Jersey. YES PLEASE. Have drinks on the promenade of the historic Convention Hall and watch the water do its thing. Bonus: unlike most of the bars on this list, it’s somewhere we can actually go. Sorry, Thailand. You’re not in the budget this year.

At pick number 40 was Senor Frogs in Acapulco, Mexico. Sure, if you’re 17 and want drinks shot into your mouth by a hose. That wasn’t supposed to sound enticing!

Next time? We strongly recommend a spot called Post Card Inn’s Beach Shack in St. Pete Beach, Florida. They make a mean bloody mary. In a good way. Please and thank you.

[Via CNN]