As someone who grew up playing baseball, I sometimes had nightmares that what happened to Cleveland Indians outfielder Ryan Raburn Thursday night (7/24) would happen to me. And watching this replay gives me chills.

In a scoreless tie in the 8th inning Thursday night (7/24), Kansas City Royals batter Mike Moustakas stepped up to the plate. His fly ball down the left field was chased down by Ryan Raburn, but bounced off the heel of his glove. Raburn hustled to get the ball as Moustakas waltzed into second base with an easy double. But as he went to throw the ball into the infield, Raburn instead spiked the ball into the ground six feet in front of him, and it eventually bounced harmlessly into left field, allowing Moustakas to record an inside-the-park home run. Watch it here:

The look on Raburn's face after the play was over brought back those nightmares I used to have. That run made a huge difference, as the Royals went on to beat the Indians 2-1.