There is a current trend among some older bands to play an entire album back to back concert. Uh why? There is a reason why that one song ended up as the third track on side two (it probably sucked or the drummer wrote it so he he could get some residuals). Megadeth, Rush and a few others have whipped out this gimmick to try to sell a few extra tickets in concert, but I really don't understand the point, you know you're going to the pisser when they hit side two of that album in concert. Let's take one of the more popular albums that's being played in concert in it's entirety. Here's the track listing for Rush "Moving Pictures'.

1. Tom Sawyer

2. Red Barchetta

3. YYZ

4. Limelight

5.The Camera Eye

6. Witchhunt

7. Vital Signs

The last three tracks were on side 2. I'm telling you know that most people who said they even heard side 2 are liars. Most people just let side 1 play over and over (and they weren't too damn fond of YYZ). Is it really worth $60 to hear "The Camera Eye" in concert? If you answered "Yes" then please find 5000 other Rush freaks to buy a ticket and you guys have a good time, I'll wait until next tour.

I think I've made my point. The bands should just say something like "We'll be playing all the good songs from our ________album".