Chris Cornell is currently on an acoustic tour and those that get the chance to see him are witnessing absolute magic while he performs unplugged. Yes, he's written legendary music on his own, with Soundgarden and with Audioslave.  But the magic I speak of isn't his music, it's Cornell singing the lyrics to Metallica's "One" over the music of U2's "One" and it is truly epic.

If you're not paying attention to the words, you'd swear he was singing U2 because he follows the music, cadence, inflection and soul of "One" (U2). However, if you listen closely, he's not singing U2's lyrics, he's singing Metallica's.

To say this is genius is an understatement.

Who knows how long this video will actually be live on Youtube, before Cornell's people gets wind of it, so listen now before it gets pulled down.

Listen to Chris Cornell Mash-up Metallica's "One" with U2's "One"