If you were out of the loop last week, you missed some really awesome, crazy and sexy videos. We saw Chris Cornell sing Metallica's 'One' lyrics over U2's 'One' music, bouncing boobs in slow motion, a 10 year old kid nail an Avenged Sevenfold cover, and more. Here are our top 5 stories that you might have missed for the week of October 21-27th.

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    Chris Cornell Sings Lyrics of Metallica’s “One” to the Music of U2′s “One”

    Chris Cornell is currently on an acoustic tour and those that get the chance to see him are witnessing absolute magic while he performs unplugged. Yes, he’s written legendary music on his own, with Soundgarden and with Audioslave.  But the magic I speak of isn’t his music, it’s Cornell singing the lyrics to Metallica’s “One” over the music of U2′s “One” and it is truly epic.

    Mary Ouellette, SheWillShootYou.com
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    11 Best Videos of Boobs Bouncing in Slow Motion

    Brace yourselves, because here are the 10 Best Videos of Boobs Bouncing in Slow Motion. Gravity’s a beautiful thing, isn’t it?

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    What the…? Male Jets Fan Caught on Camera Punching Female Patriots Fan [VIDEO]

    In this video, a man wearing a Jets jersey gets into a physical altercation with a woman who appears to be a Patriots fan after the game at MetLife Stadium. The man actually punches her square in the face as a shocked crowd looks on before another man appears to come to the woman’s defense.

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    Man Tries to Bust Car Window Out With Head and Fails Miserably [NSFW]

    Basically, this dude is trying to bust a car window out by using his head. The thing is, he failed at it like a boss. Watch him try, not once, but several times to accomplish this idiotic feat. This first time he tried was priceless. There is some NSFW language used. There is also a lot of stupidity in this video.

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    Kid Guitarist Rocks Avenged Sevenfold at School Talent Show – Best of YouTube

    This 10-year-old boy is introduced as another guitar act in the talent show and probably wipes the floor with the previous performance. The curtain is pulled and the boy signals to the sound person to hit the music. Brandishing a signature Synyster Gates guitar, he tears into Avenged Sevenfold‘s ‘Welcome to the Family’ and best displays his chops by shredding the solo, to even further amazement!

    YouTube: eseny1