You've probably seen all of the Throwback Thursday (TBT) pictures on Facebook. Well, instead of throwing an old picture your way, I thought I would give you a look back at an old interview I did with the band Chevelle back in 2011. So, if you missed it when it originally aired, or just want to hear it again, you can listen to it now.

At the time, the band were on tour with Bush. But, Sam, Pete and Dean took the time to call in to the Rock 108 studios for an interview. We talked about touring, their new album at the time, bull riding, and even a funny story about re-gifting.

Dean says:

"It was the first thing I remember wrapping - a Frisbee for my sister. I wrapped it up and she was so mad"


When talking about the single 'Face to the Floor', Sam says:

"It's kinda a pissed off angry song for all of those people that got taken by the Ponzi Scheme that Bernie Madoff had for all those years"

Check out the rest of the interview that originally aired October 13th, 2011