Have you tried Instagram on your iPhone or Android yet? If not, then you're behind the curve.

Instagram is the new craze in taking pictures on your phone. You can apply some really cool effects to your simple camera phone pictures and look like a pro.

Well, we've got a couple of hashtags that you can use when you Instagram your picture so it'll automatically upload to our website. One of those hashtags is #AbileneRocks. Anytime you take a picture in or around the Abilene area, simply add #AbileneRocks to the caption portion of the picture and it will automatically load on our website right here.

However, you have to have your pictures set to 'public'. If they're set to 'private' then they won't show up on our website.

Here's a gallery of just some of those #AbileneRocks Instagram pictures that you all submitted. For the rest, just click here.

Click here for the ABC's of Instagram.