Well, as each day passes we get another day closer to 'doomsday' as predicted by the Mayans. The day that life, as we all know it, comes to an end is December 21st, 2012. Well, in the event of impending doom, you need an exit strategy; a survival handbook of sorts. Thanks to David P. Murphy, said handbook is now available.

With the Doomsday Survival Handbook you can discover how to survive anything, including:

  • A Plague of Locusts- Make a sign that points to your neighbor’s house that reads “Good Eats Here”.
  • The Return of the Mayans- Those Mayans are going to want to maintain their golden hue in our dimension. This might be the right time to sink your savings into a spray-on tan business in Belize.
  • Another Ice Age- Get on the flat payment plan with your heating utility provider. That way you won’t have to immediately deal with the upcoming 1257% spike in your bill.
  • A Bad Case of Zombie Outbreak- Don’t get bit and don’t order any delivery pizza. C’mon, using pizza as part of a scientific experiment? Is nothing sacred??
  • Deranged Birds- Research tells us that by mixing baby aspirin into your bird feeder blend, you can bring down their fevers and lessen the threat.

The author, David P. Murphy, joined The Painman on The Morning After for a little chat about this book and others, listen to the interview below.

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Yes, this book even has a 'love theme', check it out now.