Charmaine is a 22-year-old Texas native who says she gets turned on by the combination of brutal honest and good hair. We've go the first one covered.

AGE: 22



OCCUPATION: Migrant model and actress! When that doesn't put food on the table, I'm a server by day and tattoo apprentice by night! Soon I'll be inking all you lovely ladies!

CURRENT CRUSH: Jessie from Breaking Bad.

BODY MODS: Septum piercing, nipple piercings, and tattoos! More almost everyday!

GETS ME HOT: Confidence, straightforwardness, brutal honesty, intelligence, good hair.

SIGN: Virgo

I LOST MY VIRGINITY: To my boyfriend, who snuck in my bedroom window in high school. My Dad had to bolt on the window screens after a while!


MAKES ME HAPPY: Conversation, pretty lingerie, kisses, cuddlin' naked, painting, writing, getting lost in a good book, getting dolled up, shoes, manicures and pedicures, sunbathing, rings.

MAKES ME SAD: Poor communication, missing people, procrastination, bad teeth, ignorance, small talk, losing things, car trouble.

HOBBIES: Painting, reading, modeling, acting.

VICES: Too many to tell.

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