Facebook Users Encourage Dying Little Girl to Live Her Life
You may remember the story I wrote a while back about a little girl named Julianna Snow with a terminal illness who chose "heaven" over the "hospital" when her mom presented the choices to her.
I took exception with this, because I feel like a five-year old shouldn't be making lif…
Worst to First: Assassin’s Creed
With Assassin's Creed Syndicate's release on the horizon, it's time we look back at the series best and worst entries. The war between the Templar and Assassins have been going on for centuries, and there have been all kinds of adventures where we played as a famous Assassin (and occa…
Sexting Turns Creepy When Acted Out in Real Life
Sexting is when people text dirty messages (or pictures) to each other. We've all done it. But when sexting is acted out in real life, it becomes pretty dang creepy.
In this video, two people act out 'sext messages' that are commonly sent out...

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