Former Mexican President Drops F-Bomb at Trump
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is demanding an apology from former Mexican president Vicente Fox over Fox's strong language in regards to the wall Trump wants to build at the border if elected. Which is pretty funny considering Trump's own penchant for dropping f-bombs.
Saying The Left Just Wants Free Stuff Is Ignorant
Let's dust another little political nugget off, slap it on the ass and send it out to pasture. One of the more juvenile and more unthought out claims is that one side votes just because "they want free stuff". That's nonsense.
Racism Is The Territory Of The Ignorant
So just de-friended another xenophobe (and her friends). She posted a meme with women in burkas that said "Trump wants them out of the U.S. do you agree?" And all the backward ass country folks (not my original choice of an "f-word" for here) were agreeing an…

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