'Gluttony' is the first single off of the new Buckcherry album, and the band have released the video for the song.

Off of the album 'Confessions', which drops on February 13th, the song 'Gluttony' talks about trying to control your behavior. In fact, Josh Todd recently talked to Loudwire about the song.

“It’s just about trying to control your behavior,” he explains. “They always say that you have to do everything in moderation and that’s never been my experience. One is okay, two is better, three is fantastic and four is the best. I want to consume everything, I want to go big or go home. I’m either on 11 or I’m asleep.”

Apparently, the whole album is about the seven deadly sins because not only is there the song 'Gluttony', but also, 'Greed', 'Lust', 'Wrath', 'Envy', 'Pride' and 'Sloth'.

Pay special attention to the part where two girls engage in a big of french kissing.  Hey, who are we to judge? Oh, and, this video does have some NSFW language so be careful around the little ones or at work.

Buckcherry are on tour now, and you can catch them in Texas on February 7th at the Ford Park Event Center in Beaumont.

Now, check out the new song and video for 'Gluttony', and let us know in the comments section below if you dig the song or not.

Buckcherry 'Gluttony' Video