Bret Michaels makes his return to Abilene to play the Lucky Mule, so Bret took a little time out of his busy schedule to call in and chat with The Painman.

Judging by his outspoken personality on shows like Rock My RV, Celebrity Apprentice and Rock of Love, you can imagine how much fun Bret is to talk to.

To say he's passionate about life, rock n roll, the Life Rocks Foundation (and other forms of philanthropy), Veterans, and people in general is an understatement.

The first time I ever saw Bret Michaels was back in '87 when Poison opened for RATT down in Houston. The next time I saw him was 26 years later (back in June). He hasn't changed one bit. When asked if he found the fountain of youth, he cited music and the "Grace of God" for his ability to stay on top.

We also talked about his overcoming health struggles like diabetes as well as brain and heart surgery all-the-while maintaining a positive outlook on life.

He then took me on a journey on how he decided which songs he wanted to include on his latest album, "Jammin' with Friends", the importance behind those songs and the guests he had join him on the album. For example, following his brain surgery, the first song he played on his iPod was Sublime's "What I Got" and with excitement he proclaimed "Love is....what I got".

With the utmost of pride and humility he told me about how the Life Rocks Foundation works with children with diabetes to military support and a myriad of pet charities.

Michaels is a huge sports fan and we even joked at how he should give, his favorite team, the Pittsburgh Steelers a pregame pep talk in hopes of getting them back in the win column.

Bret was in town back in June and made a promise then that he'd be back in the Fall. Well, that time has come. Hope to see all of you at the show.

Listen to the entire Bret Michaels interview here: