There have been all kinds of things going on behind the scenes in the “Breaking Benjamin” camp and a lot of them are circling around the song “Blow Me Away”.  Read more after the break.

Ben Burnley now claims to be the sole founding member of Breaking Benjamin after kicking two players to the curb.  Check out this quote from

The dispute, over a new recording of the band’s hit song “Blow Me Away,” erupted in May when lead singer Benjamin Burnley fired the bandmates, guitarist Aaron Fincke and bassist Mark Klepaski, via e-mail.

Ben claims the guys took 100K from the record company to approve the new version of “Blow Me Away” without his consent. The two had joined the group in 2002 coming from the band “Lifer”.

Ben replaced Breaking B enjamin’s original drummer in 2005 leaving him as the one with a claim to the name. Burnley claims he isn’t done touring or performing under the name “Breaking Benjamin” but had to take a break due to health issues brought on by years of alcohol abuse.

Ben has also disavowed the recent “Shallow Bay” greatest his package and especially the new version of “Blow Me Away” which he said was remade completely without his consent.  He has asked fans to NOT by this collection.