I am a heretic! I own an “e-reader” (and I quite enjoy it). I am, however, a fan of books. I’m so big a fan of books that I’m tired of storing them, which is why I bought a Kindle. I will admit that there is a bit of magic in books. In this video some book store owners look to express that “magic” with this cool stop motion video. Check it out after the jump.

I’ve always loved books. I must have checked “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” out of the library a dozen times. Then, as I got older it was all about Stephen King and “The Stand”. Of course, there were thousands of books in between those, but those are the two giants in my world.

In the last few years I’ve discovered graphic novels. I loved, The Watchmen, The Walking Dead and Preacher.

I’ve also always loved “stop-motion” video and this film about “the life of books” is really awesome.  Check it out: