Some home and garden stores will sell you any plant you want. The problem is, not everything grows and thrives around here. If you're just a little smart, and do a little research, you can have healthy landscaping that uses as little or as much water as you have available.

In Texas, most gardeners have a green thumb and pirate clothes.

Better Homes and Gardens has an excellent page on plants that work well in Texas. There's even some that look tropical, but thrive in Texas. They recommend Salvia and those big Hawaiian looking "Lord Baltimore" Hibiscus plants.

It's also obvious from driving around town that the Trumpet Plants grow like crazy and Desert Willows do real well too.

There is also a search engine at Texas Smartscapes that will let you sort according to your needs (even if your needs include the need to attract bees or other critters).

In addition to doing a little research before you buy plants, keep in mind that we may still may have another freeze before all is said and done (you never call tell with this crazy Lubbock weather). Nothing sucks worse than having your planting done, only to have everything killed.