Everclear will soon hit the road to headline the 3rd Annual Summerland Tour. This time, they'll be hitting the road with fellow 90s alt-rock bands "Soul Asylum", "Eve 6" and "Spacehog". Everclear frontman, Art Alexakis, called in to The Morning After to chat about the tour.

The Summerland Tour stops off in Dallas on July 11th to play the South Side Ballroom.

Alexakis also gave us a little info on what we can expect with the new Everclear album too.

He says Everclear are "in the middle of making a new rock record. A heavy rock record. The first full-on guitar record we've made in 15 years".

In regards to the tour, Alexakis said he wanted "to recreate the alternative radio shows of the 90s".

He always states that "this year, I couldn't be happier, this is my dream year", when talking about the tour and lineup.

This lineup is intended to create a magical night of the crowd singing along to each and every song. Alexakis says "you start the show with hit songs and you end the show with hit songs...it's a sing-along".

When talking about the other bands on the tour he says "when you come on the tour, you gotta play these hit songs" then goes on to say the bands can play their other tunes, but the night is all about the hit songs that we can all sing to.

Listen to the full interview now.