Now that it's pretty much been proven that there is no problem with transgender people using whatever bathroom they choose, critics are doubling down with their argument 'it's not about them; it's about the perverts taking advantage of the situation.'

I guess we are to assume that "perverts" are as illogical as this argument.

You are seriously telling me that a creeper is going to go into a room with no exit, wait for your kid, then somehow escape by walking right past you? Oh, you're talking about when you send your kid to the crapper unattended while you continue to shop? Well, then you're the kind of parent that this stuff really does happen to, because you don't watch your kids.

This stuff wasn't a problem yesterday, and it won't be a problem tomorrow. Take a minute and read the stories about where kids are really molested (Editor's note: like Holli Jeffcoat and her relative). Until you start protesting churches, family reunions and your neighbor's house, you're just wasting Target's time.

Now, go find something else ridiculous to be mad about.