As part of my job, I regularly visit and search YouTube. I’m really impressed with the variety of information that intermingles on this video sharing website. It never fails that when I’m looking for an obscure musician, a highlight reel of a high school football player, an old television commercial, or a funny dog video set to banjo music, more often than not, I can find it on YouTube.

And that’s not all. Political Ads, movie clips, music videos, commercials, amateur videos of everything from awards presentations to pranks…the list goes on and on. There’s not much you can’t find on YouTube.

In fact, YouTube has made more than a few ordinary people into “internet sensations”. I believe the term “internet sensation” means that nobody would know you if you didn’t post a video on YouTube.

Out of curiosity, I typed my own name into the YouTube search box, and found a poor quality, barely audible video of a portion of a speech I gave in 2009, and this video of me acting the fool in my office.

Wow. I’m clever.

There’s a good chance I would have completely forgotten about that video if I hadn’t searched my own name on YouTube. I recommend you do the same. It’s probably a good thing (much like checking your credit score) to check in occasionally and see if there’s any video of you on YouTube.

Are you on YouTube? If you don’t know, you might want to check. Feel free to share what you find!