On June 16th, 2014, twin tornadoes devastated a Nebraska community by killing people, and leveling homes and businesses. With all of the footage from storm chasers and other people of the twisters, a resident in Wisner, Nebraska, got probably the best footage of them all. Watch and be mesmerized by these twin tornadoes.

The footage was shot by Wisner, Nebraska resident, Timothy Klaustermeier and uploaded on his YouTube account. What amazes me, is how cool and collective Tim was as he shot this video. Not that I would be scared or anything, but I know for a fact I would have been very vocal as I filmed. In fact, if I shot the video, it would have to have had NSFW attached to it.

I want to thank one of the storm chasers I follow on Facebook, Reed Timmer, for bringing this video to our attention. Definitely an amazing video!