The Sick Puppies just rolled through town to play The Painman's Birthday Bash at the Lucky Mule. The entire show was incredible but one band member probably captivated the audience more than anybody else - Sick Puppies Bassist Emma Anzai.

At any concert, you'll see all kinds of people snapping pictures or getting some video of the show. This was true at the Sick Puppies show as well. However, most of the pictures being snapped were of the very pretty bassist, Emma Anzai - and, for good reason. She's not only an incredible bassist, but she's hot as well.

As I was standing on the side of the stage, I can't tell you how many guys, and girls, were snapping pictures and taking video as they commented on how hot she was. All eyes were on Emma as she showed that bass who's boss.

Yes, that includes me as well. In fact, here's a little video of the band playing 'Riptide' at the Lucky Mule. You can tell who the focal point was in the video.

Watch Clip of Sick Puppies Playing 'Riptide' at Lucky Mule in Abilene

Sorry about the audio quality. It was loud and proud at the Lucky Mule for sure, plus I was right next to the speaker.

What was your favorite part of the show?