Legendary rockers, Aerosmith have now put out a video for the song "Legendary Child". The song is the first single off of the album 'Music from Another Dimension" out on November 6th.  The video itself takes a few pages from other Aerosmith videos.  By that, I mean there is a hot chick in the video skating in some sexy fish net stockings.  (Her name is Alexa Vega by the way...google her!)

So, the video flashes back and forth between the sexy skater girl and the band.  I won't say much more...just check out the video now which is the first for the band in 8 years.

New Aerosmith Video

To me, this song takes me back to the Aerosmith sound of the 80's. In fact, the song itself was actually written and recorded in 1991 during their recording sessions for the album 'Get a Grip'.

So, what did you think of the new video? Do you like the new song?

(via VEVO)