Aces Over Eights were the very first band I ever had on Local Licks Live, so it was a great pleasure having them back on the show. The first time it was just Nathan and Dan, but this time we had the full band, adding in Bobby and Ryan.

We spent an hour talking about their new music, the writing process, odd requests at their shows, where to see them live and of course...drinking lots of cold beer!

Here we talk about the new members of the band, their new merch, polka music and we also get to hear an original they call "Velvet Glove".

In our second segment we start off with another original, Blinded, then we talk about strange requests at their shows, followed by them "making up a song on the fly".

In this final segment we talk about upcoming guests on Local Licks Live, we chat about upcoming shows, we get Ryan in trouble with his girlfriend, we drink more beer and we hear a couple more killer tunes.

Here's a little gallery from their visit to the Rock 108 studios