Rear Naked Choke may have only been around about 4 years, but the band is comprised of many veterans of the Abilene (and beyond) music scene. Stepping out of their traditionally heavier sound, Rear Naked Choke recorded a song about fatherhood called "Better Man". While the song is specifically about Mick's (lead singer) relationship with his son, it can be relative to any family type of scenario.

After a year of worldwide radio airplay, the band took the song another step with their very first video.

Watch Rear Naked Choke's "Better Man" Video

The band is made up of Mick, Mike, Chris, Shane and Cole. Well, I recently had a chance to sit down with Mick and talk about the band, the music, the video and his advice for aspiring musicians.

What is the song "Better Man" about?

Mick: There was a time when I made bad decisions that drew me away from who I was. The only lifelines I had were my love for my son and music. Luckily I came back to my senses and I drew from the experiences to write this song.

Even though this song is kind of a departure for RNC, it's probably one of the most personal songs you've ever written...was a power ballad your intent or did it just write itself?

Mick: As a band we try to be versatile within the Texas Metal genre so a power ballad is a welcome change within the set and there is such an emotional message with this song. It feels wonderful to perform; it's actually heartwarming

What was shooting your first video like?

Mick: Recording the video was surprisingly natural for the first one and getting to "act" with my son was truly a bright spot in my whole career as an artist.

What are the band's plans in regards to a new album?

Mick: We're (currently) recording with J Faulkner at West End Studios in Ft. Worth and it's about halfway done and sounding amazing.

You guys are the veterans around here...what's the best advice you can give any bands currently playing or aspiring musicians?

Mick: The best advice I could give is to be able to compromise and evolve musically. Dont be closed minded to the advice of others and never give up. Always give 100%. When music comes from the heart it makes the world a better place.

Thanks a lot for your time Mick.

When the opportunity arises, go see Rear Naked Choke live. They are truly a great band and one of the funnest you'll ever get to see.