The New Hope Church by Logan’s and Chick Fil A on South Clack, will join over 500 churches nationwide that will be showing the movie ‘Courageous’ this Father’s Day Sunday. Families are invited to attend and everyone is welcomed. ‘Courageous’ sparks numerous Father’s Day activities with many churches planning sermons and classes around the movies theme. New Hope Church is planning an after movie brisket barbeque for all who attend. Check out all the details.

This Father’s Day, families can spend some quality time together and no one will have to spend any money, because this entire event is free to everyone, thanks to the New Hope Church.


Father’s Day Showing of Courageous the movie


Father’s Day Sunday June, 17th.


10am sharp so don’t be late.





There will be free popcorn and bottled water for everyone, during the movie. Following the service, everyone that attends the service is encouraged to stay, as the Church is planning on honoring, men and their families by having a free brisket lunch.

Listen to what Pastor Michael says about ‘Courageous’ and their Father’s Day event.

The movie is about five men who struggle with family life, each of the men make a pack publicly,  as they resolve to be the fathers God intended them to be. They may have not started well, but they intend on finishing well. This Father’s Day churches across the nation are asking men to stand up and sign their own resolutions. I’ll caution you the movie trailer had me tearing up, viewer beware.