To say that things have changed in the lives of Abilene pop punk/hardcore rockers "Close Your Eyes" is an understatement. The band has seen their fair share of lineup changes as well as a "tweak" to their sound.

Now, they are back with their third album (Line in the Sand) as well as a video for their new single "Frame and Glass".

After Shane Raymond left the band (now with These Days), they enlisted a touring singer then finally landed new singer Sam Ryder Robinson, of Blessed by a Broken Heart. Their new album has hints of their traditionally heavier sound with songs like "Sleeping Giant" and the pop/punk song "The End". But it also ventures into new territories with tracks like “Frame and Glass,” “Trends and Phases,” and “Kings of John Payne”.

Anytime you change a singer in a band, you'll always have those diehard fans that express their displeasure, but I have heard from quite a few that Sam really delivers on the older stuff when the band performs them live.

Whether you like change or not, give their new tunes a listen and let me know what you think.

If you haven't heard their new song, then check it out here in their new video.

Watch Close Your Eyes "Frame and Glass"