I can't count how many times I've been on my way home, or elsewhere, and end up behind a car driven by an elderly person. I also can't count how many times that person was driving at a snail's pace or swerving all over the road in apparent confusion. Too many times than not I've witness elderly drivers in 'la-la land' while behind the wheel.

Is there an age that a person is required to prove their able to stay behind the wheel? Well, I went to you guys about it and got some great feedback.

According to Autos.com, drivers over the age of 65 are 2nd most likely to die in a car crash. The same site also reported that drivers 75 and older are in the high risk age group of those most likely affected by car accidents.

Now to be fair, teens are in the same high risk age group as seniors and in many cases involved in more accidents.

So, with that being said, maybe it's best that both age groups attend driver's safety courses more frequently than the 'safer' drivers.

Car crash statistics may only give a purely numeric indication of how car crashes happen, but they correctly indicate that certain age groups and certain locations are at a higher risk than others. It is not to say that drivers over the age of 24 and under the age of 65 should be unconcerned about accidents. They merely point to the fact that teenagers and senior citizens are at a higher risk when driving. Defensive, safe driving should be practiced at all ages, and no matter if you are in the middle of a city or on one of the nation’s highways.

via Autos.com


According to the poll below, over 30% of Abilene feel that drivers between the ages of 70-74 should be required to take additional driver's education and safety courses to maintain their driver's license. Coming in 2nd were teens.

Your opinions seem to pretty much reflect the data provided in regards to the age groups that are in the high-risk category.