When it comes to being a sports fan in Abilene, we're not just bad, we're some of the worst in America, according to a recent study.

The folks over at WalletHub combined the results from another study that ranked the five most followed sports including football, baseball, basketball, hockey and soccer. Then, they compared 341 cities (from small to large) across 50 different metrics including performance level of the city's team(s), average ticket price of a game, number of sports bars and attendance rate.

The results are pretty disappointing for the 'Key City' as Abilene ended up 310th out of 341 cities. However, after breaking down the cities based on size, Abilene was ranked 76th, although that was out of 83 mid-sized cities. Ouch!

Check out the top 10 list as well as where other notable Texas cities ranked below. And, surf on over to WalletHub for the complete list.

Best and Worst Cities for Sports Fans

1. Boston, Massachusetts
2. Denver, Colorado
3. East Lansing, Missouri
4. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
5. Washington, D.C.
6. Chicago, Illinois
7. New York, New York
8. Ann Arbor, Michigan
9. Minneapolis, Minnesota
10. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
18. Dallas, Texas
23. Houston, Texas
89. San Antonio, Texas
101. Austin, Texas
108. Lubbock, Texas
153. Fort Worth, Texas
197. Arlington, Texas
310. Abilene, Texas

Although Abilene was the worst Texas town, at least we were not the worst city in America when it comes to sports fans. That honor goes to Hackensack, New Jersey. Suckers.

Are you surprised at where Abilene ranks?

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