Recently, Japan came up with a car called the Honda Fit She's which targets the ladies.  Well, my co-worker, Shay, along with some help from Townsquare Media, decided to put in their ideas for a car that has features designed just for women.  Well, if the ladies get a car designed specifically for them, why can't us guys?  So, I decided to ask you dudes what features you would want in a car.

With the help of some of my friends on Facebook, I think we came up with some pretty cool features for a ride that would surely have you rolling down the road in style.

Feature Ideas For A Men Only Car

  • drivers seat urinal for those long road trips - or just because
  • built-in ice chest (we assume for sodas and snacks)
  • booby shaped knobs for the interior and head lights shaped as boobs
  • Twizzlers dispenser (Garth would be proud)
  •  inflatable sex doll airbags to keep that future wreck as comfortable as possible
  • bacon dispenser (because bacon rocks)
  • front end grill meat grinder for making deer sausage a lot easier
  • $100 bill dispenser (if you're rich enough for these features, then why not?)
  • $1 bill dispenser (for those late nights at the flop shop)
  • better A/C system - a vent on the steering wheel for those sweaty palms moments, and a vent that shoots directly up your shorts, because, let's face it guys, it gets very hot in the nether region - especially during the Summer in West Texas.
  • lots of horsepower (of course!)
  • nitrous

These are just a few ideas.  Feel free to add to the list by commenting below.  And, for you ladies, don't forget to check out the features that the ladies came up with and add your ideas.

In case you're wondering, here is what that Japan Honda ''Fit She's" looks like.

Honda Fit She's Car