Recently, Dez Bryant of the Dallas Cowboys, was arrested for domestic violence after reportedly assaulting his mother.  Several former Cowboy players have given their opinions of the incident, including Hall of Fame quarterback, Roger Staubach, who said that maybe the Cowboys should "cut the chord" meaning get rid of him.  I asked you if you thought that the 'Boys should get rid of him and now the results of that poll are in.

Apparently, most people in Abilene do not think that the Cowboys should get rid of Bryant as 57% have said no to getting rid of the talented receiver.  Check out the complete breakdown.

As a die hard Cowboy fan since I was old enough to pick up a football, it's been pretty tough to stay one...especially after Jerry Jones took over the team.  But, through the good and the bad times, I have remained a true fan.  However, it still hacks me off that NFL players, who are held to a higher standard and are huge roll models for young football fans, continue to get into trouble.  From Michael Irvin and Nate Newton's drug charges to Pac-man Jones and Dez Bryant's issues, the 'Boys have had several players who have gotten into trouble with the law for various reasons.  Of course, the Cowboys are not the only team to have these problems.

Look, I know that people are only human and make mistakes.  But, Dez Bryant hitting his mother (allegedly)  was not just making a mistake, it was downright wrong on every level.  I don't care how awesome an athlete he is, in my opinion, if he hit his mother, the dude needs to get smacked around then kicked off the team.

I played football for several years in school.  When we made a mistake on the field, we ran sprints.  If we got into trouble off the field, we paid for it by being held out of the next game.  Some of my teammates were kicked of the team for good depending on what they did.

The point is, we were held accountable for our actions and it didn't matter if it was the starting quarterback or the third string kicker, we had to take our medicine.  Sure, Dez will be held accountable as far as being legally charged for his crime plus he will see a huge fine and possible suspension from the NFL, but it won't be long before he's back on the field.  Look at Pac-man Jones.  He's been in trouble more times than the average person sitting in Taylor County jail right now.  But, he's still in the NFL making that money.  Granted not as much as he once did, but he makes more than I do in 5 years.

I just think if you a mistake here and there, that's cool.  But, if you continually get into trouble, like Dez Bryant has done,  he needs to go.  There is no doubt about his talents at all.  His character?  It needs a lot of work.  I'm not saying the man can't change, but the likelihood of that happening are not in his favor at this point.

So, what do you think?  Do you agree with the results of this poll? How long should Dez be punished?  Feel free to comment below.