This week's Question of the Week was based on the the theme 'How Old is Too Old' and had to do with Mohawks.  Earlier this week, I asked you how old was too old to have one and based off of your comments, I created a poll for you to vote on.  Well, now the results of that poll are in and we have a tie.

The two choices that tied were 'ages doesn't matter' and 'age 25-30' with 'over 40' coming in third. Check out the complete breakdown of votes.

Based off of the results of the poll and your comments on my Facebook page, it seems that most people believe that age should not matter.  I will have to agree.

To me, you are only as old as you act.  Sure, some things may be inappropriate depending on where you are at.  For instance, if I was going in for a job interview, I sure as heck would not be sporting a Mohawk.  However, if I was at a concert banging my head to Slipknot or some other killer show, then a Mohawk is definitely an option no matter what age.  Then again, seeing a 75 year old with the spiked up hairdo might be a little jacked up to see. So, with all of that said, I think at over 50, it's time to put up the ol' Mohawk.  After all, at that age, most don't even had enough hair to sport one.

So, do you agree with the results of this poll?  Leave your comments below and thanks for your input.  Be sure to tune in next week for our Question of the Week.