Abilene Ballet Theatre brings grace and beauty to the Paramount stage again this weekend performing “Coppelia”.  This might not be a story line you are familiar with but you won’t be disappointed.  Under the artistic direction of Nancy Gore and Lisa Gore-Etter and associate artistic director Lindsay Perry McGill “Coppelia” is the story of a young couple (Swanilda and Franz) from a small village engaged to be married. 

I too was a dancer at one time, but my old bones don’t move so well anymore and I did tap, never ballet but I’ve always loved the beauty, grace and elegance of the art.  That is what you will find when you attend this weekends performance by Abilene Ballet Theatre.

Here is a quick synopsis of the ballet according to co-artistic director Lisa Gore-Etter:

There is a magical toy maker who owns a shop in the village and his name is Dr. Coppelius. His most prized possession is a life like doll that he created and named Coppelia. The doll sits prominently displayed on the balcony of the shop and Franz thinks she is absolutely beautiful, unaware that she is just a doll. Swanilda is completely jealous of this. The real mischief happens when Swanilda and her friends decide to sneak into the toyshop late one night. In the end, all is revealed and the couple marries and lives happily ever after (of course!).

Weeks, if not months, of hard work and rehearsals go into making a production like this come off smoothly.  I know, I’ve been in those dance shoes a time or two or 20, myself. There’s learning the storyline itself, learning the choreography, stage settings, rehearsals…hours and hours of rehearsals, lots of sweat, some sore achy body parts and maybe even some tears.  However, in the end when it all comes together you have a piece of work you are proud to show off to the community.

Most of the dancers are from the Abilene area and while plenty of family members will be on hand to cheer on their ballerina; the best part is when you see those little girls in the audience who get that sparkle in their eye. They want to dance too!

The lead role of Swanilda will be performed by Kelsey Leverett of Abilene.  The male lead will be performed by a guest artist from Dallas, Ruben Gerding.

Nancy, Lisa, Lindsay and the entire Abilene Ballet Theatre company would love for you to come check out the performance of “Coppelia” this weekend at the Paramount.

Show times are Saturday evening 8 pm and Sunday matinee at 2:30 pm.  See Abilene Ballet Theatre website for more details.