Aaron Lewis, lead singer for Staind and acoustic performance extraordinaire, was in Abilene late last year.  If you missed his performance, you missed a really great show regardless if you are a fan or not. Check out some video footage I found that was recorded in Abilene, his impression of Scott Stapp of Creed, and a few other videos. Again, if you missed that show in November when Aaron Lewis performed here in Abilene, you missed a good one.  It was  good show not only musically, but there was a little comedy relief in there as well as shown in this video taken from that Abilene show and Aaron's impersonation of Scott Stapp of Creed. Funny stuff!

Of course he did some Staind songs as well.  Here is another video of his performance in Abilene.

These days, Aaron Lewis is doing some stuff on the country side of radio.  Now, I'm no country music fan, in fact, I am not really that big of an Aaron Lewis fan - or at least I wasn't before catching his show in Abilene, but you have to admit that he is a talented dude, and I do respect that.  Here is his acoustic performance of his country hit, "Country Boy" which was not shot in Abilene.

By the way, you can check out Aaron Lewis tonight on Rockline with Bob Coburn and call in to talk to the Staind frontman at 1-800-344-ROCK.